Thursday, 4 September 2014

About Julie ❤︎

Hello there, welcome to my blog ❤︎ you have probably swang by here to know more about Julie "the brunette girl behind the screen" 
well, i am so happy to see you ❤︎ 
 here is what i have to tell you about myself; 
 I am a 23 years old girl living in Munich\ Germany but am not German :)

Proud enough, i have graduated from the University with a degree in the English Language and its Literature, i know a totally boring subject but at that time my mind couldn't but choose this, i wish i had choosen photography instead .. but hey everything happens for a reason ❤︎ 
Back in October 2015, i made the best decision of having a small corner on the internet and call it "The Girly Blog"  .. during my short journey on my blog i have learnt something very well: 
That good things, take time to happen 
life will always be unexpectable (if that is a word) so embrace it when it is good and work hard when it is bad 
because hard work always always pay off 

Thanks for reading my rumbling i hope you find my blog a place that radiates happiness ❤︎

If you would like to see more of me then:

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  1. I love your blog!❤

  2. Your blog is really cute! So nice clear pictures and cute text. :)

  3. I like the way you are (your spirit, way of writing and expressing yourself)!! Don't ever change :) and keep improving my sweetie ;)

    I will tell you a secret :P with every post I learn a new way of writing or new word from you <3

    Best Wishes to you dear..Don't limit yourself with the sky ^__^

  4. Love your Blog ❤️ Do you can speak German? ❤️
    xoxo Ally from ❤️

  5. You have a very Beautiful Blog and you are a very lovely person. But your are 23?!?!😱 I thougt you are 16 or 17 ❤️
    Xoxo Sarah from

    1. awww <3 thank you so much this really means a lot for me. Yeas hehe i am 23, it is ok many people think so of me :D

  6. Aww!!! Julie love ya so much ����you are the best. I just love your instagram and your blog is awesome ����lots of love from javeria �� a fan from Pakistan