Monday, 8 September 2014

My Current Book!

Hello everyone ;)
As most of you know, i am a book warm ;) i love reading a lot, it is a hobby that i have since i was a child. I remember how my parents used always to buy me Mickey&Minnie books that i used to keep on reading over and over again. However, as an adult now ;) i read a novel each two months or so, it depends more on how much free time i have. 

Yesterday i started reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it is the 5th part of the "Harry Potter Series" and i liked to share that with you :) 

Here is a photo of the book, yes it is so large :p but i love reading large books, i don't know they have something special that attracts my heart <3  

For those who don't know, Harry Potter is a series that consists of 7 books. I have read the first one as an assignment at school, where i had to read the story and write a summary about it, it was fun, so i decided that i want to read the whole series, and i did read the first 4 books here i am reading the fifth one :) 

What made me read Harry Potter Series, is the way J.K.Rowling (the writer) through her style, allows your mind to feel every single detail in the story that even you feel like you are part of the story itself! despite it being mythical. 

P.S i have read many other novels i will be sharing with you later ;) 

That is it for today my beautiful friends 
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Lots of Love 
Julie xoxo


  1. I already read all books of Harry Potter and watched the movies, too. I love the story! Enjoy reading. <3

    1. aww so sweet, i have read the 4 books before this one and watched the movies :D thank you so much sweetie <3

  2. i have also read all the books and watched the mivies. i loved them! i hope you have fun reading :)

  3. hi hi, our names are nearly the same