Saturday, 6 September 2014

Outfit Saturday

Finally it is weekend :D yay, today i will be going to my friend's house, watch a movie and chat about this and that <3 am so excited. So here is my outfit of the day

So i wore a denim shirt, i love them so much especially with black trousers ;) they look so stylish. 

As for the details, i wore just a small cute gold bracelete, i love it so much <3 

This is mainly my outfit for the day,
I want to wish you a beautiful weekend 
Stay Stylish 
Lots of love 
Julie XoXo


  1. You have a really great blog!
    Visit our blog, we would be very happy :)
    regards Eric

  2. I found your blog on Instagram. You account is pretty perfect! I love it! <3
    This outfit looks stunning, especially the golden bracelet! Have a nice sunday, cutie! :)

  3. Aww my beautiful Cutie <3 thank you so much your words mean a lot for me ;) have a beautiful Sunday as well :* i love you