Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Outfit Wednesday

Hello my Cuties ;)
I liked to share with you my outfit of the day. On wednesday we wear pink! Haha no i don't do that always ;) but today by chance i wore pink. 

Here is a photo of my whole outfit <3 

And here is a photo of my shoes ;) i like always to wear slippers especially for work they keep me casual and i hate wearing high heels when i go to work they leave me with pain in my legs and back 

As for the details, i am wearing a silver watch to match my outfit, and a cute infinity ring that i love so much <3 i did my best to make my outfit look simple and classy ;) 

I hope you liked my outfit <3 
See you soon 
Lots of love 
julie XoXo


  1. Love your watch! Its beautiful��
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  2. The infinity ring is gorgeous! So dainty and cute. Lovely post, be sure to check mine out? :)

    Zoe xo