Thursday, 11 September 2014

Whats on my iphone5?!

Hello everyone ;)

As all of you beautiful girls out there keep on asking me on Instagram, how do i edit my Instagram photos? I decided to make a "whats on my iphon5" blog post, where you will see what do i have on my iphone :* and what are the apps that i use to edit ;) so let's begin !! 

First of all, i have a white and silver iphone 5, nothing too fancy.

Here is a photo of the phone, knowing that this is not mine just a beautiful picture from we heart it. 

So this is my lockscreen, knowing also that it is not me ;) i like always to have a lockscreen that matches my case :p so this one matches my light blue case ;) 

Here is how my homescreen looks like, all the apps are originally from apple, except for Candy Crush which i am so addicted to haha and my Facebook account :) 

On my second page, i have in the first row apple apps, then in the second one, i have Instagram, in which i have my account @cuteinstgram ;) which you guys know :) i don't have any personal Instagram account. Then i have we heart it, from there i collect most of the photos i post on Instagram but unfortunately i don't have an account there :). Then i have hangouts in which i sign in using my gmail, it helps me in my work, i use it to stay updated with my colleagues as well as my clients. Then i have the app itube, i use this app to download music for free. 

In the third row, i have Adobe Reader, i have it in order to be able to access all the files and documents that i download on my iphone ;) then i have ipost, i use it to post on Facebook. Then, kik which you guys can any time text me on i always answer my kik is (cuteinstgram) opsss there is a message :$ i will check it once i finish blogging ;) And then i have viber & whatsapp which you all know about am sure :) they are just apps for chatting. 

Now we come to the most important part of this pos, which is (how i edit my Instagram photos) well, i basically use the app afterlight, it is an amazing app i really do recommend it for you all guys, unfortunately it is not free you have to buy it, but believe me it deserves every single dollar i payed, it is amazing! Then i have PicCandy which i use to add my signature on my own photos :) Camera360 to take selfieeesss. Yes i love taking selfies especially with my love haha so i find this app as the best one to hide the flaws :) 

In the last row, i have Minion Rush that i love so much, it is a game similar to Subway Surfers but i find this even more beautiful ;) then i have Blogger, it is an app that i can review my posts and post new ones, P.S: i am using it now haha, then i have DreamDays just an app to count the days for something you are waiting for, and basically i am waiting for my move to Hof, so i am counting the days .. :) 

Last but not least, i have you can follow me there at (cuteinstgram) and ask me whatever you like ;) 

As for my Home Screen i am having a picture of DisneyLand, i just love this place so much :) 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, leave me comments of what apps you have or the apps i need to have, i will be happy to read them all :D 

Enjoy the rest of this day 
I love you 

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