Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fall Inspiration

Hello beautiful ladies today i thought of doing a special and lovely blog post, a sprinkle of Fall inspiration.

Fall has always been one if my favorite seasons of the year i think it is the same for almost everyone of you
Well, if it is not so, i am here to try and make this season a little bit more fun.

For me Fall is all about being warm, and Yankee Candles are the best choice for that, they smell like heaven and always add a magical touch on your room's atmosphere.

Marshmallows seems to be the best matching partner for this weather nothing can ever beat their deliciousness

We shouldn't forget, the warm clothes, the hot chocolate mugs and the cozy snuggling under your warm blankets, aww that feeling of being warm and cozy

Are you sure you still hate this weather? I hope you were inspired enough with what i have shared with you

Love you so much Julie
P.S: photo credit: we heart it

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