Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Fall Favorites

Hello beautiful ladies :) today i will be showing you some of my fall favorites,

Starting with the makeup, in Fall i usually go for dark colors especially for my eyeshadow, so as you can see in the picture above, this is my pallet from Jade it is full of colors that suit the Fall season :) Although i love dark colors, i love to add a little bit bright color for my lips, so i usually prefer using this pink lipstick to reflect a light shadow on my face :)   

Here is a close up picture of my pallet :)

As for my accessories, 

I recently go for kind of dark and warm colors just like the colors of those bracelets :) they come in a set i got them from Acessorize, also i love matching them with my gold watch

A very important feature of Fall, is being cozy and warm :D this is why, i chose to spoil myself with these cuties they are so warm and lovely, what makes them special is that i can bend their upper part just like this, 

Which makes them even more cute <3

I hope you loved my stuff, i would be happy if you leave me your beautiful comments and opinion 

Lots of love 


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