Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas WishList ❤︎

Since Christmas is getting closer & closer, i finally decided to write my Wish List for Christmas :D who knows what i can get from it ❤︎

What makes me more excited for December to come, it that my Birthday takes place in it too, so maybe what i don't get for Christmas i get for my Birthday haha 

Here comes, my lovely yet short Wish List. 

1. I start with an iPhone 6 a silver and white one please haha. Well, although i love my beautiful and handsome iPhone 5 but still, i have a great addiction for all new Apple products.
2. I am a lover of anything that includes Disney, but when it comes to Minnie Mouse, i will be the happiest on earth, especially if it comes in hot pink.  
3. I am always called a "book warm girl" because i always love reading, therefore i am asking for "Let It Snow" book for John Green and two other authors. 
4. Zoella's new book "Girl Online" i would really love to read this book, i have heard a lot about it. 
5. A DSLR Camera, taking photos is my passion, i take photos with my iPhone 5 but i love having a professional camera. 
6. The best thing i would ask for, is to be happy with what i have and what life throws at me .. 

I hope you like my Wish List
Share with me what are you wishing for Christmas, i will be happy to read your beautiful comments 

Julie xXxX 



  1. The phone case is cute. Well for sure is to see my boyfriend, since we are long distance, and two spend time with friends and family, and some money to get a trench coat.

  2. Aww such beautiful wishes :* hope all of the come true :) and yes i am so in love with this case and has been on my wish list for a while now :)

  3. hope u get all of these for Christmas! lovely choice x

  4. Awww thank you so much beautiful :*