Friday, 14 November 2014

DIY a beautiful case ❤︎

If you have a case addiction, where you buy every single cute case that bumps into your face, and spend all the money you have for owning the case of your dreams ;) then this post is the one for you.
I am a sucker for any DIY project, but when it comes to doing an iPhone case for a cheap price, i will be the first to try it out. Let me show you how we can do these two beautiful cases with things that you own at your house.

First comes a Victoria Secret case, which most of you my beautiful ladies dream to own. Let us start with the steps of making it: 

All you need: 
1. A clear case, which you can get at Amazon. I went for a clear, pinky case because i love pink so much :p but for you, you can go for anything you like but you have to make sure that its back is clear. 
2. You have to find a photo, it is jot a must for it to be a Victoria Secret one, it can be anything you love, a polka dots photo for example. 

Just like this one ;) then,
3. You have to crop the photo according to your phone's size and print it on a white paper. But don't forget, to crop a hole for the Camera. 
4. The last step is the easiest :D just fit the paper inside the case. 
Then guess what? You are done. 

The second case is a polka dots one. 

I made this case for my old Iphone 4s. All you are going to need is; 

1. A white paper, or any color you love, i went for a white one
2. A CD or any circle item that you can use to draw the dots 
3. A scissor
4. A clear case 
5. And your phone for sure ;) it doesnmt have to be an iPhone, any phone would be great 

Let us now start with the process of making the beautiful case 

First, start by drawing circles, draw as much as you can because you don't know how many you will be in need
 for. Then, use your skills, in cropping the circles you have drawn. 

This is what you should end up having :) 

Now, scatter the circles you drew on your case, arrange them in the way you like ;) 

But don't forget, to have fun as you make these cases. 

If you recreated any of these cases, tag me on Instagram so i can see and feature some of you 
I hope loved this post 
Lots of love 



  1. Loved this diy project!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

    I invite you to enter my OASAP giveaway on my blog :)

  2. Aww thank you so much beautiful ;) am so happy you loved it, i will check your blog now