Thursday, 20 November 2014

DIY- a famous flawless IG

Today, i will be sharing with you, some of the tips and steps to be taken into consideration when building a famous and fabulous Instagram account :)

P.S: can you spot me taking this photo? (Hint: look at the iPhone's screen :p) 

Without further a due, let us get started :) 
1. You should always, choose name and theme for your IG that suits you and your personality, you don't have to stick for pastel or pink and white theme, it is not a priority for gaining followers. You can go for a styling, personal or a nature photographs theme, most importantly "choose what presents your soul" 

2. Don't ever, be a copy of someone else, be your own self, be creative and create something of your own because simply "no one would love to follow a copy" 

3. Don't keep on changing your name and theme! Believe me, it doesn't bring you more followers, it makes you lose what you have, and i don't think that is what you aim for :) 

4. Make shoutouts, but don't over make them because many unfollow because of the shoutouts you make (if they are so so many) 

5. Be active, comment here & there, let everyone know that you are a part of Insatgram's amazing world 

6. Don't, comment "follow me" or "a stylish account here" .. Etc because this way, you will bee blocked by the user whom you are annoying with your comments and believe it or not, no one will check your account this way

7. Do your best, to be kind&polite with everyone, not just because they follow you or respect you, no. But because this reflects who you are, and no one follows a rude person 

8. Don't, don't ever steal people's work, texts or pictures! Because you will be discovered sooner or later! And that is not good for you because no one sweetie, follows a copy and a stealer ( sorry for this word) 

9. Avoid buying followers, for those who don't know, some people by a way or other buy followers to boost their number of followers, but if you think of it twice, you will recieve a bunch of followers but pay attention, those who you buy will not be active so what is the purpose of buying followers who are not active in the first place!? 

10. The best advice, i kept for the end. Instagram is for you to enjoy, not to boost your followers number, so enjoy this beautiful world whether you have 1K or 100k only enjoy! what comes your way 

I hope you found this post inspiring enough for you my beautiful Instagramers :) 




  1. Thank you beautiful am so happy you did ��

  2. Wow, how pink! Super blog :)

  3. Awww thank you so much beautiful :) am so happy that you loved my blog this much <3 it means a lot for me to read such beautiful words