Sunday, 30 November 2014

How my Sunday looks like ❤︎

Sundays for me, mean relaxing, relaxing and more relaxing ...
After i wake up, and to put myself in the weekend mood i start by wearing my cozy Hello Kitty jumpsuit 

I adore this pastel jumpsuit so much ❤︎ And yes i spend the day with no makeup, because i like to let my skin fresh and relaxed after a week full of hard work. 

Then i wear my cute pinky and cozy slippers ❤︎ They keep me warm and keep my feet happy :) 

Then it is the time to check my social media apps. I start with Instagram: @cuteinstgram then Twitter: @cuteinstgram and cuteinstgram. and answer every comment, message or whatever beautiful thing you have left for me. Sometimes to add the fun for my day, i would put in my earphones and enjoy some of relaxing yet refreshing music, if you wonder what are my most recent favorite music you can check them here

i promise, there is hot chocolate under this bunch of marshmallows ❤︎

After spending some time on my phone, i would be hungry, so i would head to my kitchen and prepare a hot chocolate and add some yummy pink & white marshmallows, and then turn on my laptop to spend the rest of the day, either blogging, editing pictures or watching Disney movies or any other on Netflix ❤︎

I hope you enjoyed my post 
Julie XxXx