Monday, 24 November 2014

How to: Have beautiful & Shiny nails

Having shiny and healthy nails is one of the main secrets of having a happy life :)

That is why, i chose to share with you, a few tips that can help you in having the nails that you would be happy about.
But before i start, i have to point out for you, that my nails weren't long nor healthy but after a while you will now how did they become like this :) 

1. First thing first, do your best to keep your hands moisturized and soft through using any type of cream you desire, and try to concentrate on covering your nails well. For me, i prefer using the Nivea Creme because it includes vitamins that never failed in keeping my hands soft. 

2. Do your best, to have a day without having any nail polish on your nails, oh i know you don't like it, but believe it or not it helps your nails grow fast! Chose a day like Sunday (a good day for not having to leave the house) remove all the nail polish and let your nails breathe. It helps a lot

3. Before applying any type of nail polish apply some fresh and basic nail polish it acts like a mask, it prevents the chemicals of your beautiful nail polish from harming the layers of your nails 

4. To make your nails grow faster, do your best to keep Milk and Eggs in your daily diet they help in a big way since they contain a large amount of Vitamins and other beneficial items for your own good. 

I hope your week started in a great way 
Julie XxXx 


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