Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Favorites ❤︎

Christmas is my favorite time of the year ❤︎ it is the time for miracles to happen and for us to smile without having to shed a tear back :)
Therefore, since it is a special time of the year for me and of course for you guys, here i am sharing some of my favorite stuff that i have been in love with recently ❤︎

You are never too ready for Christmas unless you listen to a bunch of music that put you in the spirit of this magical time :)
Here i am sharing with you my Christmas playlist:

1. Santa baby by Glee

2. Winter wonderland by Selena Gomez 
3. Baby it's cold outside by Glee 

4. Let it snow by Glee

5. All i want for Christmas is you

6. Santa tell me by Ariana Grande 

Those were my Christmas songs :) they always keep me in the Christmas spirit. As for my Christmas favorite movies, they are as follows ❤︎

1. Elf 
2. The Santa Clause 2
3. Home Alone Series 
4. Emest saves Christmas 
5. All Disney Movies and on top come Tangled ❤︎ 

What makes me in the Christmas magical spirit :) is those two cute wallpapers that i am having on my iPhone 

Thic cute "Let it snow" photo is set as my lock screen 

And this cute snowy picture is set as my  own home screen :) i love them both, they keep me happy and feeling Christmasy ❤︎

I hope you lived my post
Please share with me your favorite movies and songs i would love to read 

Julie xx 



  1. Thank you so much beautiful :* it means a lot for me

  2. I love your blog! <3 soo cute theme and everything.