Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Christmas Decoration ❤︎

Finally i had the time to show you my Christmas Decoration ❤︎
Once i enter the house, my lovely Santa is always there to welcome me :) 

I love this Santa so much ❤︎ No matter how tired i am once i enter the house, he would be there reminding me of the weekend and the Christmas time that is coming so soon :) 

Although Pink is my favorite color, but not in Christmas time :D that is why, i have changed my pink and cozy slippers with other cozy ones but in red :) also, i wear my favorite socks that have some snow flakes on ❤︎ Not to forget, the Christmas songs and movies that put me in the spirit of Christmas which never failed in making me smile :) 

Last but not least, comes my favorite huge, yet cute Christmas tree :) i always love to decorate it with red and gold stuff to add the magical spirit of love to my own house. 

I hope you loved my Christmas Decoration, if you want i can share with you my Christmas song list, just leave me your opinion in the comments section down below 

Julie XxXx