Friday, 26 December 2014

My Christmas Eve ❤︎

As Christmas is the long awaited time of the year for almost everyone, so is this post ;) before i start, i would like to hope that everyone of you had a joyful Christmas, filled with love and sure lots & lots of yummy sweets ❤︎

I would like to start with my outfit, 

I went for a grey top from TopShop, matched it with a black trousers and for the accessories i preferred the gold ones (watch and necklace) because they made their special touch on my outfit ❤︎ And yes, my hair was freshly straightened. 
Although the gifts, take a huge role in the Christmas Eve, though they aren't everything, I am so thankful for everything i received.

As you could see from the pictures, i have received two books that were on my wish list Let It Snow by John Green, and Safe Heaven by Nicholas Sparks. With a pastel pink reading bookmark ... In addition, to a pink charger for my iPhone5 as well as a cute case that i fell in love once i saw, two purple hearted slippers and a cute lovely bag from Ferera that i have always asked for and wished to have. 
I hope you liked what i have received for Christmas, i am really thankful for everything i got, even though i didn't receive everything i wished for but at the end Christmas is about giving not receiving ... I hope you had an amazing Christmas and received everything your heart ❤︎ Asked for. 
I ended my Christmas Eve, with a plate full of every sweet piece of love and tastefulness ❤︎

Yes, it was a plate of some ginger bread, and colorful macaroons, Ahh can't feel the Christmas Spirit if i didn't eat those two ❤︎ They have the magic of making my heart smile ;) 

Julie xxx 

Feel free to tell me what you recieved for Christmas i would love to see, also you can tag me in your pictures on Instagram, i will be more than happy to take a look. 



  1. Your Christmas Eve was perfect!

    1. awww thank you so so much sweetie :* i love you