Sunday, 21 December 2014

My MakeUp Routine ❤︎

Although am not a makeup girl ;) i still like any other girl in this huge world, a sucker for every makeup brand and products ❤︎ This is why, i chose today to share with you my makeup routine.

So here we start, with my makeup collection ❤︎

Usually when i want to apply some makeup, i start with my foundation which is from Revlon. But before i apply some Foundation, i would love to spoil my face with some base that keeps my face protected from the chemicals in the foundation ❤︎ I love to use those heart cute pads to spread the foundation on my face, they have never failed in making me happy with the results ❤︎

The reason that i love this foundation, is because as you can see in the picture above, it goes with my skin and barely you can realize the difference between its degree and my skin ❤︎

After i am done with the foundation, i start with my Mascara which is from Jade ❤︎ I adore this mascara a lot, because it keeps my eyelashes cute and long ❤︎

By then, it will be the time for some eyeshadow, i don't like to use bright colors especially in winter ❤︎ That is why I use my favorite Jade palette that i love the most ❤︎ And then i would finish the look with some face blusher, but not too much because i would turn like an apple :p 

Finally we have reached to the most fun part ❤︎ Applying the lip gloss :D 

On special occasions i use, 

The Jade warm colored lipsticks or the hot pink Revlon one. 

While on daily bases, 

I prefer using those cute lip glosses ❤︎ All of them have sweet and yummy smells and taste ❤︎ Two are from Lobello while the hot strawberry pink one is from Maybelline ❤︎

I hope you loved my makeup routine, 
Julie xoxo 

P.S: this is not an ad for any makeup brand i have shared, all these products i bought myself :) ❤︎


  1. How cute and pink is this post?! I love your blog.

  2. aww thank you so much sweetie :* it means a lot for me to hear so <3 hugs and kisses

  3. Just found your Blog and I just love it as much as your instagram IG! <3
    Would mean a lot to me if you could check out my blog or instagram IG too :)
    Lots of Love Elsa <3

    instagram: streetstylefashiion

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much beautiful ❤️

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