Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Three Winter Outfits ❤︎

Lately, i have been loving the cozy sweaters ;) they keep me warm and stylish ❤︎ so i have decided to share with you how i style them, i hope you like today's post.

Today's blog post, is a collaboration with the cutie Quisha, you can check her blog here

My first outfit starts from here ;) 

I love the combination of light jeans and dark sweater, that is why i chose to mix them together adding to them a touch of Gold ❤︎ For my accessories, I am wearing a gold and cute elephant necklace (that is not so clear here, due to the way this picture was taken). While for my bracelet, i am wearing one that is a mixture between the white and gold. As for my earrings, they are so simple yet beautiful spotted gold ones. 

My second outfit, is more of a classy yet relaxed one. It contains of a hot pink blazer, a white light lace T-shirt and a dark black trousers. Not to forget, the polka dots touch at the end of each sleeve ... They add a touch of magic and beauty. I usually love wearing this outfit, on Sunday's Church visits or for business meeting or lunch ;) 

This outfit, is a casual, yet classy one, in which i match a cute light pink (i don't know exactly what to call this color :p) sweater with a black trousers. As for the accessories, i am wearing a gold cat figure necklace (yes i love animals shaped necklaces, because they are so cute not to wear :P) a gold watch, and the same gold spotted earrings that i was wearing in the first outfit. 

As you can see, this winter i am more of loving to mitch and match warm and light colored sweaters with dark trousers or the other way round, with a touch of gold, that never failed in making me look more stylish. 

Which outfit did you like the most? Share with me i would love to hear. 

I hope you enjoyed 
Love you,
Julie xxx



  1. Thank you for this wonderful post!

  2. awwwww thank you so much it means a lot :*

  3. Vielleicht magst du noch an unserer Blogvorstellung teilnehmen. <- mehr dazu

    Liebste Grüße

  4. Laura, i loved your blog and would love to make a collab or something with you :D but how can we contact? do you have kik, or instagram so we can chat <3