Sunday, 28 December 2014

What's in my Bag ❤︎

People say, that the content of a girl's bag, reveals a lot about her personality ;) so here we go, i chose today to share with you what i have in my bag ❤︎

To start with, my bag is not that special, it is from Primark, but still i love it the most because it fits everything i need, still stylish and cute ❤︎

Once i drop everythinh out of my bag, all these stuff fell out :p 

1. I have my iPhone5 that i can't live for a minute without 
2. My earphones, because i always love listening to music or audio books on my way back home
3. A small notebook that has a cute writing on it saying "I ❤︎ u" i love this notebook, it keeps me organized, i write on it everything i want to buy and blog posts ideas
4. My pink charger, because obviously, my phone's batter dies early :( 
5. My keys, they have a sweet gold heart charm on
6. A one important item is chewing gum to keep me fresh and my teeth clean and happy ❤︎
7. My adorable ForeverPink Victoria's secret body splash ❤︎ It is to die for actually ❤︎
8. Dental floss, for those who don't know what this is, basically it is my life saver, it is a small package that contains small strings that one can use to take out everything that is stuck between the teeth. If you are wondering why it is my life saver, then you probably don't know about the existence of an annoying tooth back at the end of my mouth that always keeps the food in and hurts me :( (sorry for this bad\gross detail) 
9. Eye Drop Visine, i love having it around with me especially for work because i am always behind the screen of my laptop and iPhone which brings redness to my eyes
10. Some Lobello lip sticks
11. My wallet, that i adore the most ❤︎ where all my money exist :D

I am sorry if this post was longer than usual, but i hope you liked it. 

Julie xxx 


  1. Very nice post. <3