Friday, 12 December 2014

Your Questions Answered ❤︎

Hello everyone, yesterday i posted a picture on my Instagram, telling you to ask me whatever question you have, so here we go :D.
P.S: i am sorry if this post is so much long :( but i wanted to answer everyone ❤︎

1. @i_lovethislife: how many times do you spend on IG? :) 
Actually and to be honest, most of my time :P, no actually i work all day long but once i am home i spend the rest of the evening on my Instagram because i love interacting with everyone of you :* reading your comments and answering them makes me the happiest. 

2. @_naomi.2002: what's your fave yankee canle? xxx 
I love all the scents but my favorite two are; Soft Blanket & Snow Flake Cookie :)

3. @floraldreamsss: what's your favorite thing about Christmas time? 
I would say PRESENTS hehe, and also of course having the chance to spend quality time with family and friend, watching Christmas movies and having fun :)

4. @hannahdelve: what's your favorite picture you have ever taken? 
It is so hard to choose but this one i am so proud of 

5. @lovecynthia: what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? 
haha actually once i wake up, even before i have my eyes open i get my hands over my phone and start checking Instagram :P

6. @oxo_girly_oxo: what's your favorite emoji? 
Since on Blog the emojis don't appear so my favorite are the pastel pink flower and the pink heart :*

7. @alixe.d: How do you make such cute texts? Xx 
Awww thank you so much beautiful :* it means a lot for me ❤︎ i just share with you what is in my heart and am so happy that you love it this much :)

8. @_mado_x: what is your fave animal? 
I love the small and cute Shiwawa (type of dogs) so much :*

9. @helmilindforss_: what is your favorite food or some sweet? 
My favorite meal is PIZZA and for sweet stuff, any type of Chocolate is accepted :P

10. @_naomi.2002: how are you so amazing? 
Omg, thank you so much !! it means a lot for me ❤︎ i am just acting myself really, and am so happy you love me ❤︎

11. @fashionistas007: what is your favorite meal? 

12. @_jenniwilson_: how do you come up with inspiration for your photos?
Aww thank you, i really don't know, i just share with you what i find cute, lovely and girly and am so happy it inspires you :*

13. @olyinthesky: any suggestions for someone who want to start a gallery inspired by you? 
 Oohh am so happy that my IG inspires you this much. All i can tell you is this "be yourself" don't ever imitate someone else :) for some more advices you can check my post here

14. @oonasabiina: what is your favorite acc? and animal? 
Actually i have many and many beloved IGs but if i have to choose one it might be @alinasprettyworld she is a one of a kind girl ❤︎ she takes all the photos by herself. As for my favorite animal, i would say the (Shiwawa) it is a type of dogs that i adore

15. @teensite4you: whats your face app?
Instagram is my life ❤︎

16. @pinkandbabyblue: why is your instagram so famous? 
Ohh thank you so much beautiful :) i don't know really, but what i know is that i have stared from scratch, worked and still work hard to make my IG be this much inspirational and perfect ❤︎

17. @devilfranzi: How to love myself? accept my weight and body type?
Beautiful, since it is so hard to answer this question because it is a huge topic, i will specialize a blog post and do my best to help you in this issue. But for now, all i can say is that you have to believe in yourself, to believe that you are beautiful and unique the way you are ❤︎ don't let anyone makes you lose confidence in your own self.

18. @evesofia_: what is your favorite food in Christmas?? 
I love everything my Mom cooks :P but to be more specific, i love the Chicken stakes that my Mom prepares in addition to the mashed potatoes ❤︎

19. @theflowergrande: what is the most likes you've had?
The highest number of likes i have ever received was 3.5K i am hoping for more :)

20. @itspastelprincess: favorite picture you have ever posted? 
it is hard to choose but yea, i am in love and proud of this one 

21. @alvanolsson: what's your favorite item?
I would definitely say my iPhone 5 along with my earphones ❤︎ because i can't imagine my life without these two cuties :D they get me along throughout my days

22. @edie.bx: what are you asking for this Christmas? 
I want an iPhone6 so bad :( but i don't know if i will be able to get it therefore, what comes in the second choice is "Let it Snow" book by John Green. If you would like to take a look on my own Christmas Wishlist you can check it here ❤︎

23. @cute_petlover: where do you buy all the things at the room?
Before i answer i have to point out that not all the photos that i post are mine, only the ones that have thw watermark (cuteinstgram) on are. But i shop at IKEA for my room's stuff

24. @paulaheupel2410: From where do you take all the time and love to write these texts? i love them so much?
First of all, thank you so so much beautiful :* it means a lot for me :) as for the time, i have a really busy day since i work from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, but i always give myself the time to come over to Instagram and share what is in my heart with all of you ❤︎ as for the love :) i just act myself :D this is me, my personality and thoughts. I don't have to pretend i am someone else so it is kind of easy for me, and what helps me more, is that i am an English Literature Graduate so i am used to write such stuff :)❤︎ 

25. @p.asteldaisy: do you have a YouTube channel? if not would you ever consider creating one?
For the time being, no i don't have a YouTube channel. but soon, i am starting one ❤︎ probably in February :D will let you know

26. @jedaheronstairs: did somebody broke your heart once?
As every girl in this world, i have been in love and had my heart broken, but am over it now and have my heart fully fixed and in love with the one i think i deserve :)

27. @mygirlyinspo_: how you edit ur photos?
For now i can tell you i use photoshop but am planning to make a special blog post about how i edit my pictures will let you know when it is ready :)

28. @birwaaa: where do you live?
I live in Munich, Germany ❤︎

29. @girly.world_: do you have a YouTube channel?
For now no, but soon am starting one :)

30. @xjxlia: are you in a relationship? ps i love you 
Yes i am :) and i love you way way more :*

31. @__girly__girl__: your favorite clothing stores?
To start with, my favorite one is forever21, then Zara, H&M, TopShop. 

32. @tuulikatriinaa: what's your favorite pic you've ever posted? 
It is so hard to choose but i adore this one 

33. @stureij: favprite food? Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Junk Food?
I have been to Thailand two years ago, and i have loved the Thai food way so much :* yumm hehe espically how they cook the fish :D but can't really remember a name :( (i have a bad memory) :( as for Junk food, i would say French Fries, Hamburgers, Pizza :D ❤︎

34. @s_k_y_e.m: what is your favorite type of make up?
I would say Revlon and Lancom but will make a post about my makeup brands soon ❤︎

35. @ninaa.t: what are your wishes for Christmas? 
I wish .. hmm to be happy with what i have and to have everyone who loves me around and happy as well ❤︎

36. @traveler815: your favorite song? 
Selina Gomez (the heart wants what it wants) ❤︎

37. yeeaah what are your Christmas wishes?
 I wish .. hmm to be happy with what i have and to have everyone who loves me around and happy as well ❤︎

 38. @hannahgurlx: what are your fave products by maybelline?
I love their Mascara so much ❤︎

39. @sprinkleoffreya: favorite mascara or the one you use at the moment?
My favorite Mascara is Maybelline ❤︎

40. @ecm.e.sr_: Do you have a crushh?? btw i loveyouuuuuu 
I have a boyfriend :* and thank youuu i love you way more ❤︎

41. @noelia21_10: Favorite color? 
Pink ❤︎

42. @saroon.zaman: any plans really good for holiday??
You can travel :)

43. @abi_campbell: what is your favorite subject at school?
Before i answer, i have to point out that i have graduated from the University :) but my favorite sunbject used to be English :D

44. @jessy10791: favorite TV Series? 
PLL ❤︎

45. @martinacatic: where are you from? how old are you? have you been in Croatia?
I live in Munich, Germany, i am 21 years old tomorrow i will be 22 :P and no i have never been there i wish maybe soon :)❤︎

46. @_life.story: have you ever been in Austria?
no i wish :(

47. @yasminpalestine: what filter do you use?
Every time i use a different one, it depends on the picture :)

48. @smaerd1313: why can you make soooo wonderful pics? 
Awww thank you so much ❤︎ it means a lot for me

49. @rustovadiana: what u know about Russia? Would you like to visit this country?
It is a very very amazing country, my friend lives there. I have visited it once and sure want to come back :*

50. @kohlynn: how do you keep your positive outlook all the time? 
I really do my best to stay positive ❤︎it is not an easy task though :) but since it helps me to love life more and to get through whatever comes my way it worths the work.

Hope you enjoyed ❤︎


  1. Du kommst auch aus Bayern? Wie cool :) vielleicht können wir ja auch mal "zusammen arbeiten"

    Mai x

  2. Ohh yes i too live in Bavaria ;) why not we can meet :* am planning for a meet up soon