Sunday, 11 January 2015

December Favorites ❤︎

December, is one of my favorite months of the whole year ❤︎ Not just because it is the last one, but because it always have things that my heart always wait for. Such as, Christmas, My Birthday and New Year's Eve ❤︎ This month is always filled of love & joy, two of things that i long for since the begging of the year, that is why, i wanted to make a special post for my beloved month ❤︎ December Favorites, in which i will post the most items i have used and loved. 

December, is known for it is cold and snowy weather ❤︎ At least, this is the case in Germany. And such a weather always asks for warm clothing. For me, i couldn't stop using these two cuties, 
❤︎ My warm and cozy white scarf, which is made out of thick fabrics, it always prevent me from feeling the cold wind, no matter how much cold the weather was. 
❤︎ My cozy and pink socks, those where my life savers, they are so thick and warm, never failed in making my feet feel happy. (P.S: i have 10 pairs if anyone needed i can share :p) 

Another thing i love about December, is HOLIDAYS ❤︎ I get the chance to be at home for a good time in which i spend reading books. This year i received this cute novel Let It Snow for Christmas, and i was super happy with it, that i started reading right away :D it is indeed a great story. Tea,❤︎ is what perfectly matches with reading and this cold weather, i have been loving this flavored tea from Lipton ❤︎ They have all kinds of flavors, but my best were Blueberry & Pomegranate. They are amazing. Simply, a warm hug in a cup❤︎

Another favorite, was this cute case ❤︎ Can't get over how much sweet it is. Also if i am to mention an app that i have been in love with ❤︎ I would simply say Pinterest i have always heard about this app but i have never tried it, but after i logged in, well, ehm, I have got addicted. You can check my Pinterest here.

Those where my December Favorites ... 
I hope you liked them 

I ❤︎ U 


  1. Wonderful post!

    1. Awww thank you so much sweetie :* love you <3

  2. Amazing post, you never fail at making me smile :) xx

    1. Awwwww this really made my dayyyy :* i love you

  3. Hey! i've nominated you for the liebster award because your blog is perfect! Check out my recent post for details!
    - xoxo Laura :)