Thursday, 8 January 2015

How to be happy & positive ❤︎

One of the frequent questions that i receive from you guys ❤︎ Is "How to remain positive?" "How to stay happy" so instead of answering everyone alone, i decided, that a blog post about this question ❤︎ Might help many of you :) so here we GO ❤︎

1. Focus on yourself: sometimes, we all make this mistake, where we put people before us, we think about others who in the first place, don't make an effort to think about us for a second even! I am not saying that one should be (selfish) i am only saying, that to be happy, you should seek your happiness first. Do think about others but not all of the time. 

2. Look on the positive side of things: don't let a mark on your exam paper, break you down! Why shall you make a number, determine who you are?! Just sit, and think positively, you might have failed this time, but sure you can make it up later, the semester is still at its beginning and you have time.Believe me, this mark won't stand between you and your dream job ❤︎ Move on

3. Surround yourself with those who care: do your best to stay away from negative people. Your life has its enough from negativity, you are not in need for more. Take time to choose those who push you UP always and those who CARE. And if you weren't lucky enough to find some, be your own HERO, support yourself ❤︎ i know you can

4. Never bring yourself down: don't complain about your life, nor about your body shape, grades, love relationship. Whenever you are feeling bad, instead of rumbling about it, listen to music or read a good book ❤︎ Believe me, as much as rumbling helps sometimes, it hurts more. 

5. Exercise, workout: running with a good music in the background, helps you feel better about yourself. Focus on your body and shape to forget the rest ❤︎ Whenever things go bad, go workout. Believe me it helps more than you imagine .. 

6. Have a friend: friends are the sugar to your tea, so whenever you are feeling bad, try to share your sorrows with that bestie, she can help you. And if you don't like to share, you can simply cuddle with your cat/dog or any creature that you trust ❤︎ Believe me, it works ;) 

7. Listen to music: whenever music is in ❤︎ world is for sure out ❤︎ so click on that playlist, dance, cry and scream, LET IT ALL OUT ❤︎ 

I hope i could inspire you enough❤︎

With Love, 


  1. Really nice post!

  2. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

  3. Awwww thank you so so much :) your words really mean a lot for your sweet words <3 love you

  4. This post was so inspiring! :) thank you for sharing your tips. I'd like to read more about your style because it's adorable :)

    1. Awwwwww lovelyyy thank you so much :* your words mean a lot for me, i promise you to share more and more •.• i love you

  5. I loveeeeeed it. You go girl! Lovee <33

    1. Awww means a lot for me beautiful :* love youu ❤︎ thank you for your sweet words :*