Thursday, 1 January 2015

My New Year's Resolutions ❤︎

Before i start in my new post for this year ❤︎ I would like to wish everyone of you, a Happy New Year filled with love, joy, happiness and everything you wish for ❤︎
In today's post, i would like to share with you my resolutions for this coming lovely year

First, let me say a huge "Thank You" to 2014 for being a .. well good year, despite of its downs that where more than its ups, it was a good one, i have achieved a lot of things that i have never imagined i could do, i have lost people and still gained more. I grew up on Instagram, i grew my audience and i grew my relationship with many girls that i now can fully consider my best friends. Last but not least, you put me on track, you made me know what are my dreams and what i wan to be in life. So ya, i owe you a toast 2014, thank you for everything. 2015, i am ready to make you my year ❤︎

For my resolutions, they are as follows; 

1. I am planning for a huge move, wait am not going out of Munich/Germany where i live, but i am for sure changing my apartment for a better new one. 
2. I will try to focus more on my own work, that is why probably i might (nothing sure still) go to Boston for a work internship ❤︎ I am so excited for it but still not sure unfortunately about this step for some reasons, will sure keep you updated because you are a huge part of my life. 
3. I am planning to start a YouTube channel because i simply love this world and will soon get involved in it ❤︎ But still i have to get a new DSLR, which i am saving some money for.
4. This year, i want to do my best to be a more healthy person ❤︎ Will eat clean and drink a lot of water (well, i will try :p) 

These were my resolutions for this coming year ❤︎ I hope you liked them 
Thank you all for this incredible year that i have spent on Instagram with all of you.

I love You 
Julie xxx 



  1. Really nice post. <3
    Happy New Year,

  2. Oh that's nice to hear! :) Keep it up, and happy new year <3