Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Diamond Flat Iron ❤︎

Yesterday, was one of those special days, where i woke up to a box in my mailing box, it was a flat iron from the amazing Irresistible Me ❤︎

p.s: this post is sponsored by ❤︎ Irresistible Me

Here is what the packaging looks like from the outside ❤︎ Seriously, i can't get over the amazing quality of the packaging it is so cute and classy ❤︎

Once you open the box you will find the flat iron with a small handy book ❤︎

The handy book ❤︎ has everything about the flat iron, starting with instructions about how to use it, what is the most suitable temperature for your hair, and to some ideas on how you can use this beauty not just for straightening your hair but to make your hair look magical with some beautiful hairstyle ideas ❤︎

What made me love this flat iron so much, is that aside from it's high quality, there are so many features that makes it an intelligent flat iron ❤︎

Those sweet features are: 

1. Intelligent heat display: that explains why there are 3 transparent glass points on the top of the flat iron, they are to display its temperature. 

2. Heat resistant venting holes: as you can see in the picture, above the buttons that either increase or decrease the temperature, there are venting holes they keep the flat iron from being so hot by having for the temperature a place to go out ❤︎

3. Controlling buttons: a very important thing for me was, that the controlling buttons come under (as you can see on the picture) not on the top, so there is no chance for your hand to touch any of the buttons and change the temperature without you noticing :) 

4. Diamond Hi- Tech Plate: the flat iron's plate pair is made of Diamond Nano ❤︎ What makes it special, is that it always adjust the plait pair to provide perfect contact between your hair and the plates so that your iron would work smoothly without pulling ❤︎ Which makes you finish your hair styling faster. 

5. The Temperature: the flat iron heats quickly and the temperature reaches max 230C/ 450F which is a good point for those who are always in a hurry to get their hair done in the morning ❤︎ Just like me :D 

I really recommend this amazing flat iron for every girl in this huge world ❤︎ Because this amazing item knows how to spoil you and your hair ❤︎

This was the result after using this flat iron ❤︎ Am so in love with how my hair looks like, so silky, shiny and done fast ❤︎ Never forget, that my hair is a fizzy one and always take from me about an hour to be done :( but with this new beauty, am always ready within half an hour and always happy about the way i look ... 

You can take a look at this company through their Website or check their social media: 

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