Thursday, 26 February 2015

Am Not lucky, Am Blessed ❤︎

Anyone who takes a look at my blolg, or my Instagram ❤︎, would say "Wow how amazing she is, how happy she is!" But wait,, have you asked yourself how she feels? Or how much hard does she work on herself or her life to be this positive and happy? 

I can't deny it, i am happy and positive most of the time, but the case is, that to be like this, i wake up and work hard. Despite anything i feel, i choose to be happy with what i have and always work, work and work for my life to be better. 

As for those who always tell me, "You have a great amount of followers" let me tell you this ❤︎ Every day, i work hard for every aspect in my Instagram whether by editing pictures or writing texts. I don't sit and watch my followers' number increasing ❤︎ Am not saying that i see this a lot of work, no NEVER, am so happy with everything i do, i love making people happy because it makes me the same in return ❤︎

You can too, you can work hard and have a happy life ❤︎ Believe me, it is not about Luck, it is about how much effort you make to draw a smile on your sweet face ❤︎ Just believe in yourself, dream big, never give up and see how great things will take place in your life ❤︎

I read, love and reply to every comment you leave ❤︎


  1. Aww... Such a lovely post and well said... It has put a real smile on my face thank you :)

  2. Thank you so much beautiful ❤️❤️ Means a lot for me :* you are so sweet i love you

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  4. Such a inspirational text! and I so agree with you! Sometimes it can take so much work to be happy, that you can't even explain it.
    The world is such a dark place and full of negativity nowdays, that the happiness doesn't come just like that. It needs work, work, work, work.. 24/7 !

    (sorry my bad grammar, i'm from finland:D)

    Have a lovely day!:3