Sunday, 8 February 2015

App of the Month ❤︎

A winter night, snow and rain ❤︎ What is better than staying inside bundled under a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and an app for fun? 

Recently, i have been love with the app Pinterest ❤︎ Of course, i have heard about it for a long time, but i never thought that the fun on it is this much ❤︎ And this addicting :$ 
I have signed in for this app a month ago, and really can't imagine a cozy evening without me surfing the boards that people have on their accounts and pinning what my heart likes ❤︎

You can check my Pinterest account Here ❤︎ Don't forget to give me a follow if you like what i share ;) 

Also, i have added a Pin button, on all my blog photos, now you can pin it to your own boards. 

All you have to do is ❤︎ To click on the photo that you liked, there will appear for you a Pin It Button just click on it, and taraa the photo is on your board ❤︎

If you don't have this app, i totally recommend it to you, it has everything from DIY ideas, cooking recipes, hairstyles, wallpapers for your iPhone and much much more. It has everything that a girl would ask for ❤︎

What about you? What is your favorite app? Tell me i would love to know ❤︎

I ❤︎ U 

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  1. I love instagram and the glamour app.

    1. thank you so much beautiful <3 i love you :* what is this app? if i may ask

    2. It's the app of a magazine and it's ab out fashion, lifestyle and beauty. But the app which I have got is german.

  2. sbaba :D I like it!

  3. My favourite app is probably Instagram <3 great blogpost x

    1. Mine is Instagram too <3 but this comes in the second place :) thank you so much beautiful