Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to Survive Hate ❤︎

Weather you are an Instagrammer or a famous YouTuber, or just a beautiful student in a school, hate is what you will receive for being a good person. Unfortunately this is the truth. But what you sometimes forget, is that no matter what or how much hate you receive, you are always better and more worthwhile ❤︎

To make you remember this, i am here to give you some tips on how to deal with hate ON/OFF the internet ❤︎

1. Ignore it: Whenever any person tries to bring you down, the best thing you can do is to ignore that person and his thoughts. Because "Those who bring people down, know that they are lower than them" ❤︎

2. Stay the way you are: don't let anyone, less your self esteem ❤︎ You are unique the way you are, no matter what is being said "Keep on doing what is making you happy" 

3. Don't let them stop you: many successful YouTubers and famous Instagrammers, receive hate in all its different types :( for some, hate pages were created and for others bad and insult words were thrown on them. But guess what? They didn't care, they continued to be a star in those haters dark life. So you should ❤︎

4. Haters, are people without a life: don't bother yourself, to respond to the hate with more hate. Because "Haters" are just people who have no life and only are living to bring people down and smile because they made people fail just like they are failures. So move on and let them see that you are Titanium you don't fall easily ❤︎

My Experience: to be honest with you, i also received hate at school but, nothing really affected me ❤︎ Not because i don't care but because i used to surround myself with those who love me ❤︎ So those haters instead of making me weak, they made me stronger. I learnt, that i am lucky because i have what makes people jealous of.❤︎ And hate didn't stop at school, it continued on Instagram (am not saying am that famous) but people still find some hate words and negative vibes to send me from time to time but do you know what? i don't care because in order to be successful one should be hated by some :} and i truly don't mind it ❤︎ So you should just MOVE ON 

I hope you liked this post, 
It is dedicated to every girly girl on this huge planet, i want you to stay strong ❤︎
Believe in yourself, You are worth it 

I ❤︎ YOU 


  1. Nice post and great tips!

    1. Thank you so mucg beautiful i love you ❤️

  2. Such a great post! It's so important to stay true to yourself and don't let the haters get to you!

    Lovely blog, just followed you on bloglovin (:

    1. Awwww awww thank you so so much ❤️ This is so sweet of you and welcome to my world i love you

  3. I love this post <3 I've been following you on instagram for a while- definitely one of my favourite accounts :)

  4. That was amazing and really helped. Recently i have had hate thrown at me physically and emotionally but mostly emotionally. Now i know how to stand up to the Haters and respect myself. i won't let them get the better of me and lower my self esteem. You have really helped me Julie and i will tell you what the haters say or do or look like when i try these techniques and see. I ♥ you. Xxx