Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine's Day ❤︎

I have never given Valentine's Day ❤︎ A lot of appreciation because for me, i believe that if you love someone truly, you don't wait for a certain day or occasion to show your love ❤︎ But still, as it is a special day i would love to look and feel special ❤︎ Because why not :} 

This Valentine, i will be wearing my new favorite top ❤︎ I bought it last year but had no reason to wore it. It is striped in white and navy blue ❤︎ And to add a touch of pink i will wear this cute (non-real) pearl necklace ❤︎ I love how it combines with the top like they are made to be worn together ❤︎

For sure, i will be applying one of my all time favorite perfume ❤︎ It is called Happy Paris its scent never failed in making me feel special ❤︎

For my makeup, i will be applying light daily makeup, nothing special ❤︎ But will be definitely, using those two amazing Maybelline lipsticks to add a rosy shiny sparkle to my lips ❤︎

My boyfriend & I ❤︎ Have the habit of giving each other a simple gift on Valentine's Day ❤ (A card, a cute bear .. Etc) nothing too costy. So for me, i have decided to write for him a special card ❤︎ Along with a small Champion Statue written on it You are my NO.1 ❤︎ (Sorry it is not shown here in the pictures because it is wrapped in a gift) 

What about you? What are your preparations for Valentine's Day ❤︎
Your feedback is always appreciated. ❤︎



  1. A wonderful post with so awesome photos.

    1. Awwww thank you so much :* you really made me happy :* i love you

  2. Really cute blogpost, I love your photos <3 x

    1. Awww thank you so so much beautiful ❤️ I love you :*