Sunday, 22 February 2015

Workout Inspiring Tips ❤︎

One of the main new year's resolution, for most of the girls out there, were Be Fit, Workout More ... Etc. And i join this group :{ where we all, have forgotten about our wishlists and the huge promises that we made. But, today i am here to inspire you and myself to workout more, here are some tips that have been a good reason for me to leave my warm couch and do the job my body asks for ❤︎

1. Buy new workout clothes: 
Nothing can bring you to the mood of working out other that a new workout suit and shoes ❤︎ Might be costy but all will be worth it ;} 

2. Try on your summer clothes: 
In winter, we usually end up being under a lot of layers because of the cold and freezing weather, in which we don't realize what is going on there, so take out your bathing suit and see what part of your body in need for some exercise ❤︎ This way, you will set a goal for yourself and would be a lot more encouraged. 

3. New Playlist: 
Music is your best friend, make sure that there are amazing active music on your iPhone's list. This is what will make you feel hyper and much more energetic ❤︎

4. Social Media: 
We all spend most of our time, being on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube .. Etc. Why not have some inspiration on there too ❤︎ That would happen, if you follow those IG that radiates good energy and inspire you to hit the gym ❤︎ Some of my favorites are: 

Summer Bodies, are made in Winter ❤︎ So still you are not late to start NOW ❤︎
Do it for yourself, to be happy, to love your body ❤︎ You can make it am sure 

Have you started working out yet? What other tips do you have? What keeps you motivated? 

I read, love and reply to every comment you leave for me ❤︎


  1. Ich habe schon mit dem Workout angefangen und meine Tipps heute auf meinem Blog veröffentlicht.

  2. Great inspiration! Definitely love the tip about buying new workout clothes (;

  3. good post, i love your design!

  4. Awww thank you so much beautiful Hanna means a lot for me ❤️❤️