Wednesday, 6 May 2015

DIY School Hacks ❤︎

One of the most things that every girl agrees on is "I HATE SCHOOL" well, most of us have said this, or even say it every morning :{ that is why, i am here today to share with you some of DIY Hacks ❤︎  That will make school's life a bit easier ❤︎. 

1. ❤︎Colorful Notebooks: 
Whenever you get a notebook for school, make sure that it has a cute cover or cute pages in the inside ❤︎ No matter how easy is this tip, but believe me it will help you feel happy and eager to use it ❤︎

2. ❤︎Use colors when studying: 
Colors, always add a touch on everything, especially bright ones like pink, yellow, purple .. Etc. When you study, make sure that a bit of color is in there ❤︎ but use wisely, for example, only to highlight the important things that you should remember. Believe me, it helps in a great deal when you set for an exam, your brain will be easily able to bring the image for you to jot down on the paper ❤︎. 

3. ❤︎Chew Gum: 
Make sure that while you study, you chew some gum, it helps your brain to concentrate more, feel fresh and ready to absorb every information you have ❤︎ But don't forget, to chew this same gum once you set for your exam ❤︎. 

4. ❤︎Music is your helper: 
Whenever you feel lazy, and there are piles and piles of homework to be done, pick up your phone, turn on your favorite music and start the work ❤︎ You will feel much happier and much enthusiastic to get things done ❤︎. 

Those were some tips&hacks to try and make school a better place ❤︎ I hope you liked them ❤︎. 

What about you? What are your tips? What do you do to feel better about school? 
I read, love and reply to every comment you leave ❤︎


  1. I love your tips and your instagram an blog so much! <3

  2. very good motivation, thanks!

  3. These are such good tips! I always get excited when I see you have a new blogpost!<3 x

  4. Thank you all sweeties ❤️❤️❤️ Your words really make me so so so happy ❤️❤️ Am so sorry i can't reply to every comment, i have a problem with my blog regarding the reply thing :{ i hope it will be fixed until tomorrow, i love you thank you for your amazing words and motiviation

  5. Hello! I love your blog and your posts, it makes me happy to see that you blog about everything.❤️❤️ That's a cool mix, and thank you for these tips! :)