Sunday, 22 March 2015

Life through my iPhone ❤︎

Such posts, have always been fun for me to read ❤︎ That is why, i have decided, to make one so you would enjoy it, and get to know about ME ❤︎  Behind the scenes. 

My post, starts with a date at Starbucks ❤︎ With my fave new watch Danielle Wellington ❤︎ This was on a Saturday Morning, to start the weekend right :} 

❤︎ Surffing show at the Isar in the amazing English Garden ❤︎. Am in totall love with this amazing Garden, and its natural views, can't wait for the trees to be covered with blooms 

Some blooms ❤︎ Have already started 

Sunset ❤︎ In the amazing English Garden, ahh the photo can't do the job in showing how spectacular the view is ❤︎_❤︎

❤︎ Sunday strolls, around the breathtaking views in Munich.

❤︎ Dinner, for the first time in a Chinese restaurant. I have always rejected eating in a chinese restaurant, for some reason. But as a change i have wanted to give it a try .. And YES! Am so happy that i did ❤︎ Never thought it will be this tasty :} 

I hope you likes this post ❤︎. 
Would love to know your opinion ❤︎. 

Love You, 

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  1. Very nice post and beautiful pics. <3