Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pamper Routine ❤︎

Pamper routine posts ❤︎ Are the most amazing ones to be read and to be written ❤︎ They have their magic in bringing that lushy smell to your nose and relaxing feeling to your body ❤︎. So are you ready to live it with me? Keep reading then, to know how i pamper myself :}

Before anything, i would take off my makeup using my L'Oreal Purifying Gel Wash ❤︎. It is so good for my skin, takes off the makeup, closes the pores and leaves my face feeling fresh ❤︎. 

A Lushy Bath ❤︎ Using any of my Lush products ❤︎ Recently i have been loving the cute bunny ❤︎ It is from the Easter collection and called Hoppity Poppity ❤︎ Ahh it smells amazing and makes the bath much more magical. 

Before i jump into the bath i usually bring up a book ❤︎ And for now, it will be Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks i am loving his novel so much ❤︎

If i want to wash my hair ❤︎ I will have my Head & Shoulders shampoo along with a list of relaxing music playing in the background ❤︎. 

If not, after am done taking my luxurious bath ❤︎ I will have some dry shampoo sprayed on my hair, to give it back its sparkly look. 

After i am done, i will make myself a hot cup of tea, watch a movie and go on through my social media ❤︎

Then i will have some body pamper time ❤︎ Using my EOS lipstick (Strawberry Sorbet) and Maybelline baby lipstick, in addition to painting my nails using the Essie nailpolish ❤︎

After my pampering session, it is the time to give my skin their right to be pampered ❤︎ I would use the Neviea creme for my hands and legs ❤︎ And the amazing Johnson's creme for my face ❤︎ It keeps it soft and hydrated for 24 Hrs ❤︎

That is it, i hope you liked my pamper routine ❤︎
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