Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spring is Here ❤︎

Spring ❤︎ Is one of my absolute favorite season of the year, can't explain my happiness to have it here. 
And to make things more interesting, the amazing Irresistibleme ❤︎  have sent my such amazing items to add a touch of style to my hair. 

1. Cute head bands ❤︎
In spring, i love playing with my hair, and always love to add some sparkly or floral hair bands on my hair. So these sweet ones do the job, and perfectly match the color of my hair since i am a brunette. ❤︎

2. Cute hair Jewelry ❤︎. 
The jewelry head bands are always a favorite of mine ❤︎ Especially when worn on a night date ❤︎ they have their own touch that keeps my hair looking special. 

3. Hair Accessories ❤︎
I am in total love with those cute hair pins ❤︎. They are so suitable to have a half updo hairstyle which are one of my favorite styles in Spring ❤︎

4. Blue Thick Hairband ❤︎. 
I have always been searching for such a big hair band, that won't leave me with headache due to being so sticky, and that was the one ❤︎. The color, the style and the way it fits my hair ❤︎ Everything about it, makes my hair happy ❤︎

Everything about those cute accessories ❤︎ Makes me so excited to start spring, a special thanks goes to the amazing Irresistibleme ❤︎ for making this spring a quite special one. 

What about you? What will make your spring a special one? 

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  1. This post is so nice. I love your blog!

  2. Love all of these accessories! So cute!!

    xo, Mikéla