Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Start Spring Fresh ❤︎

Spring ❤︎ Is that season, every girl waits for ❤︎ Because it always brings with it beautiful scenes and amazing warm days. But to make Spring a memorable one, am here to help you add your magical touch on those coming days, to make them much more special ❤︎

1. Get organized ❤︎
To start a new season, you've got to start it fresh and clean ❤︎ So take out all your beauty stuff & clothes and start organizing things ❤︎ Get rid of the non used ones, to replace them with brand new products ❤︎.

2. Shop some new items ❤︎
Since we are talking about shopping, the first thing to be considered is the budget, oh well, it is not always full and ready to be spent, so instead, open your laptop, get a cup of coffee and surf Amazon, E-bay ... Etc there are many online shopping websites that are so friendly with your budget and have a lot of amazing products ❤︎

3. Spoil your body ❤︎
While you are shopping for clothes, don't foget to get yourself some beauty products that will spoil your skin, hair, lips and nails quite well ❤︎. 

4. Drink water ❤︎
Hydrating your body is what makes it glam more, and be much healthier ❤︎. If you are lazy just like me, and find drinking more water is boring, grab your cute cup, fill it with water .. Believe me it will help you drink tones without realizing, you will drink because you are just in Love with the cup haha :} 

I hope these tips, will help make your Spring ❤︎ Much more than a season ..

What about you, what are your tips for the amazing new season? Tell me i would love to hear 

Hugs and kisses xxx 

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  1. Very nice post, my dear!