Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Deleting Instagram? Dream job?

Yesterday, on my official Instagram page ❤︎I have asked you my beloved people to ask whatever question you have for me ❤︎ I don't do much Q&A posts but i think they are good enough for you all to have a peek at my life, because you are really welcome to know more about Julie behind the screen. So here we gooo 

1. How old are you?
I am 22 ❤︎

2. What made you start @cuteinstgram? 
Ahh such a cute question, almost a year ago, i was a very disappointed and hopeless girl, who all she wants was to skip her life with a one way ticket to Europe, it was a dream for me that i couldn't stop thinking of, but i have never had the courage to make it, one rainy day i was all alone with my thoughts, and i knew that i need to start writing inspiration for myself before the others, so i made it and signed in to Instagram with the name @cuteinstgram to inspire people and myself. Am so glad that i did i have changed and my life changed as well. More details will be shared this Friday on my "dreamers" page stay tuned .. 

3. Who are your life inspiration? 
My Boyfriend, he always inspires me to be myself and work harder. Also i will add Robin Sharma, his quotes are what keep me going on everyday. I love him

4. What is your dream goal in life? P.S i love you and your Instagram 
Awww thank you sweetie i love you way more ❤︎ My dram goal, is to be a full time blogger and to have my own business i wish i can make this dream come true. 

5. How do you edit your pics? P.s you are amazing 
Awww juts like you sweetie ❤︎ I love you. I use Afterllight and Photoshop 

6. If your Instagram got deleted what would you do?
That is a very hard question for me to be honest, i can't even be courage to imagine this happening, i would faint maybe haha am kidding, but really Instagram is a very important aspect in my daily life i can't live without you my Cuties 

7. How many phoncases you have? 
I have almost 15 and still need more :} i love cases 

8. You got YouTube? 
Unfortunately, no but maybe soon 

9. Favorite Cereal? 
Lucky Charms 

10. How many animlas you have? 
None :{ but i want a sweet little cat

11. Favorite Store? 
Forever21 ❤︎

12. Have you got sisters or brothers? 
Yes two little sisters and 1 Brother 

13. Favorite Mascara? 

14. Would you rather re-live your worst memory? Or forget your best? 
I would relive the worst memory, becaus eat least i know it will pass ❤︎

15. Where would you like to live? 
Just where i am Munich❤︎ It is my everything 

16. Dream Place? 
I used to say Paris, but now i say Maldives ❤︎

17. If you could go back in time where would you be? 
I would rather be in Thailand, enjoying the blue beach and the sunny weather ❤︎ Ahhh take meee 

Those were the questions left on my Photo❤︎ I hope through them, you became to know me more .. 



  1. So great questions and andere! You're amazing.

  2. Awwww thank you so much lovely Anna ❤️❤️ You alwayss melt my heart with your sweet words i love you xx

  3. This was the first time I read your blog, and it's awesome ♡ thank you for telling us more about you ♡

  4. Awww thank you so much cute Rossaan ❤️ Welcome to my blog i hope you like it ;) i love youuu

  5. Hii julie <3
    i just wanted to say that your a amazing inspiration for me, ur instagram and blog always cheers me up when i feel sad, i love love love ur quotes on instagram, wish i could write like that haha, anyways i just wanted to say that i love you <3

    xoxo Robin