Wednesday, 29 April 2015

iPhone 5 case collection ❤︎


Since i have got my iPhone 5 a year ago, i have started buying cases, and every time i stumble upon any cute one, i would never hesitate to buy :} it just makes me feel fresh as if i change my phone with every case ❤︎
Today, i decided to show you my cases and share my obsession about each one of them. 

case collection

Those are my hard cases ❤︎ They are not so protective but still so cute. 

My plastic cases, they are hard but still a bit protective since they cover the power button and the volume buttons ❤︎

cute iPhone cases

My all time favorite rubbery cases ❤︎ So protective and so cute 

apple cases

My last two hard and super protective cases ❤︎ They both cover the home button and the whole iPhone very well ❤︎

This is my collection, i hope you liked it ❤︎
Which one was your favorite? 

I read and love every comment you leave for me ❤︎


  1. I like the third one oft the third picture most!
    Nice collection!

  2. I love the rubbery ones, they are so cute!x

  3. The one that looks like marshmallow ismy favorite! PS did your bf get you the teddy bear case? cause I remember that case from V-Day's essentials :3 haha love you x

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  5. I like your iphone 5 cases all design. All are so beautiful.

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