Thursday, 5 March 2015

March Beauty Favorites ❤︎

Hello everyone, for today's post ❤︎. I have decided to make one of the most requested and interesting posts which is "Beauty Favorites" that is why am here to show you some of the stuff that i have been loving lately ❤︎
This post, is a collab with the cute "Niamh" make sure to check out her blog :} 

I put most of my beauty products in this cute makeup bag, i love it so much, its color makes me happy to take it out and use what is inside ❤︎ Also it is so good that it takes in most of my stuff ❤︎

Once you empty my cute bag ❤︎ Those sweet products come out. 
❤︎ A Maybellyne Lip Gloss: i love it so much, it leaves a pink, shiny color on my lips and it smells amaziiiing 
❤︎ Baby Lips: I love how it keeps my lips always soft  
❤︎ EOS Lip Balm: i have the strawberry sorbet one. I can't describe enough how amazing it is 
❤︎ Rdel Young: These two nail polish are new for me, but once i have started using them, i fell in love right away ❤︎ I have used the Rosé Look & White Look 

What i loved the most, is that the color is so good and i didn't have to do more that one layer to have a good result on my nails ❤︎. 

Revlon Foundation & L'Oreal makeup remover: these two are the best products for my face ❤︎. I love how this foundation, blinds with my skin tone that i can't even tell that there is a foundation ❤︎ And this Makeup remover is my best when it comes to cleaning my face ❤︎. It blocks the pores and purifies my face very well

As for my hair ❤︎. I wash it with the Garnier Shampoo with the smell of Lemon, it leaves my hair shiny and fresh looking ❤︎ As for a second day hair, i would always go for my best Batiste Dry Shampoo .. It smells floral and blends well with my hair, leaving it fresh with a volume ❤︎. 

My last Favorite for this Month ❤︎ Would be these two :} 
❤︎ The Garnier Deodorant: what makes it good, is its smell and that it never leaves any white marks on my clothes, in addition, it always lasts for the whole day 
❤︎ Forever Pink Victoria's Secret Body Spray: well, this is not only a Month Favorite :} it has been my favorite since the day i have bought it ❤︎ I am so addicted to its smell ahh "heavenly" 

I hope you liked my favorites ❤︎
tell me if you use any of them ❤︎ 
P.S: alll the stuff in this post, i bought from my own money ... 

I read and love every comment you leave❤︎


  1. This is such a cute post, I am desperate for a Victoria Secret spray! I would love to collab with you sometime <3 x

  2. Very nice post, my dear!
    The Bodyspray is absolutaly awesome!
    Happy Easte

  3. I love your posts Julie.They always inspire me to enjoy the life. :)

  4. I wear conseler (idk if i spelled it right) and im running out and i need a suggestion what do you recamend? P.S. Love the post!!