Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March, in a few words ❤︎

I can't say that March wasn't a good month because it was like any other month, just filled with ups and downs. But still, i can't hide my happiness that it is over now ❤︎
For me, this month was so busy, it started with a huge move to a new apartment, oh yess, accompanied with stress, depressed times and other times where i said "No, this will never be done" i had to work 24/7 to manage full time work, blogging and being inspirational on Instagram ❤︎. And because i loved all what i do, i didn't want to stay behind in anything, i gave my best even if at sometimes it seemed impossible! 
Although it was so stresseful and bad but am Happy & Thankful that i have made it and now i am where i have always wanted to be. 
I can never ❤︎ Be able to hide my happiness with this amazing apartment, it really worths every stressed moment i have lived. 
Thank you March for making my dreams come true ... Hello April ❤︎  You are so welcome, let us see how good you will be :} 

I hope you like this type of post, since it is different than what you are used to see here :} 
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Love you loads 


  1. Beautiful post!
    I love your blog and your insta. <3