Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Music in Style with Sudiosweden ❤︎

❤︎ Music is the main key for a happy life, when it is mixed with style, i am sure life would be more than perfect. 
For a long time, i have been searching for Earphones that would stand still in my ears as i walk to work, workout at the gym or even relax on my bed, and i have never been happy with any ones that i have bought, until i was sent those amazing earphones by Sudio Sweden .. 

Once i opened their package, i was amazed by its good quality, perfect to keep the earphones safe :} 

Once the package is opened, there you will find three small pockets ❤︎ .

In the first, comes the amazing Klang Earphones (this type is suitable for Apple products, iPad, iPhone ... Etc) it is worth mentioning that they have earphones for other devices as well. 
In this same pocket there are a variety of flexible ear input, you can choose what goes with your ear the best ❤︎. In addition to a clip, to keep the earphones in place. What made me loved these earphones more, is that they have controlling clicks where you can shuffle your music without the need of using the phone ❤︎ Not to forget there is a microphone for answering your calls right away. 

In the second pocket ❤︎ There is an owner's manual and a Guarantee certificate to make sure that you always have the best quality ❤︎. 

In the third pocket comes a cute case ❤︎ To keep your earphones there :} i can't describe how much amazing it is, it keeps the earphones safe and untangled :} a problem that we all face with earphones 

Last but not least ❤︎ I love how matchy they are with my outfits and style ❤︎ It is the best accessory. 
Simply i ❤︎ SudioSweden 

Make sure to check their website, to order your favorite earphones from them; and if you use the code "cute15" you will get a 15% discount upon your purchase .. 

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P.S: this post is sponsored by Sudiosweden, but all are my opinions

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