Friday, 24 April 2015

My Story ❤︎

Hello Dreamers ❤︎ Today is my first post in this series, i can't hide my excitement and my trembling hands as i type these words ❤︎ I have been wanting to write these kind of posts and inspire you with my story, but i never succeeded in hitting that publish button, maybe am afraid to share my story? Or i just wasn't ready for that... I don't know, but here i am now sharing with you a bit of my life as a way to start this series. 

Hello there, i am Julie just a 22 years old girl, with a huge pocket of dreams and a long wishlist. My story started after i graduated from University in the U.S, instead of searching for work and live an ordinary life, i wanted something more special and more magical to take my breath away, so i decided to move to Europe, it has always been a dream for me to live in Europe and to be able to see every country in it. So i decided to move and live in Germany, don't ask me why, but i have a special love for this amazing country. I can remember it like it is happening to me right now, the shocked faces of my family and friends when they knew about my decision, i heard a lot of those sentences "what? Why do you want to leave your amazing life to go and live there alone?" "You know nobody there, you won't survive" "find work instead of go and follow a crazy dream" "play it safe, it is better for you" ... Etc. despite all these depressing sentences i chose not to hear any, and kept on focusing on the crazy dream i have, as they call it. I handed in my papers to get a permanent visa to live and work in Germany, but i received a huge NO from the council, i was so depressed by that NO and knew that i need something to keep me motivated, since i had no support from anyone, i chose to be my own inspiration and be my own support, i logged in to Instagram under the name "@cuteinstgram" and started writing texts that made motivated me and motivated many others who felt the need to hear my words. My love for Europe, made me re apply for a Visa again, to be accepted to live in Germany and i made it, i booked a ticket and came here❤︎. I am so happy that i didn't let anyone stop me, my dream was much bigger than every NO and every obstacle life put in front of me. To make your dream come true, just listen to your heart, and let it lead you to where magic happens.

To be continued ... 

I read and love every comment you leave ❤︎


  1. Really nice post, my dear! Love your blog!

  2. Love your blog and instagram account.

    You are really inspiring.

    Hugs From Elise❤️

  3. Wow!Really inspiring<3 Can you tell us about your teenage years in the next post? I'm so curious ☺

  4. I always thought nothing could be more motivating than your words on Instagram, but I guess I was wrong. It's very brave to write down such private information about yourself down here so everybody can read it, but I'm very happy you did it. Because you made me smile and you gave me hope and strength to never give up on the things one might think are right and that nothing is impossible if you really want it and dream of it.
    Thank you so very much! <3

    Love, Kathi

  5. Thank you so so much girls for your amazing words ❤️❤️❤️ They are the main reason for my happiness and big smile today ;) i love you so much ... I would love to answer everyone but it seems there is a problem in my "reply" button am so sorry for that. Still trying to fix it :| but anyways, am so happy to be able to inspire you by sharing bits of me in addition to some advice. I love you all so much and i hope to remain an inspiartion for you to follow your dreams ❤️ Hugs and kisses xx

  6. Awww I love you! You are my inspiration, you are really inspiring. Can you tell us about how you met your bf in the next post?❤️❤️ Love your blog and insta!! /@inspo.girly

  7. You're such a brave girl ♡ never let anyone bring you down. Keep up the great work ♡ love u

    Ps. I'd also like to know about how you met your bf :)