Thursday, 9 April 2015

New IOS Update ❤︎

Hello again, am not used to have two blog posts in a raw, but today i was surprised with a sweet alert from my iPhone that there is a new update ❤︎ I usually love changing so much, so having some new features sounded as a great idea, but to be honest, i loved some of the changes that Apple has made, so i decided to share my opinion and what exactly was changed with all of you :}

1. the new clock layout, sounds so good for me, it feels more cute ❤︎ Even it wasn't changed a lot but i feel like i can see it better now :} 

2. I loved that the space bar was enlarged a bit ❤︎

3. To be honest the change of the emojis wasn't so good for me :| i didn't like that they all are now gold   

The good thing is that you still can change the color, just hold on any emoji and choose the color you deserve, but still not so happy :| 

4. The update included another Apple app that can't be deleted The Apple watch 

So for me it is now in the "Apple" folder :} 

There are many other changes including WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth, iCloud changes ... Etc but for me those are the ones that matters the most :) 

I hope you liked what i have shared and found it useful in letting you know whether to upgrade or not ❤︎

Lots of love, 

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