Sunday, 12 April 2015

Summer DayDreaming ❤︎

Since it started to get more and more warm here in Germany ❤︎. I started immediately daydreaming about vacations, long days on the beach under the sun and some tanning ❤︎. Ahhh i miss this so much.

The first thing i have done to let me calm down and wait for summer, is playing with my bikinis :}

I have the Hips Don't Lie Bikini from their collection, in the hot pink color ❤︎ I adore this bikini way too much

I love how cute it looks ❤︎ With those white lace details ...

My second Bikini, is a one and a half year old one :} i remember getting it from Forever21❤︎.

I love the cute Bow❤︎ It makes it more special. And i think, the Bikini trend this year is having a Bow bikini :} i have seen many of this type in H&M and many other stores ❤︎.

What made me so excited for summer, is that i have made some plans for my vacation and can't wait to have them achieved ❤︎. Am going to Hamburg ❤︎. It is a city in Germany more like Venice ahh i have been holding so much love for this city for a long time and can't wait to pay a visit.

What about you what are your plans?

Are you excited for Summer like me?

P.S: i have a new background for taking my pictures i hope you liked it :}
I love and read every comment you leave for me ❤︎




  1. Very nice post! The pink bikini is so cute!
    I am really excited for summer!

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  3. I love your new photo background! Your bikinis are very cute x

  4. Yes! I'm so excited bc I will spend it with my besties<3 we've planned a lot of sleepovers and spas and we're collecting money to go on a roadtrip together ahhh <3 ps the pink bikinis are sooo cute

  5. Those bikinis are so cute =]