Wednesday, 13 May 2015

10 Years from now ..

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A couple of days ago, i have been surfing YouTube for some videos to spend the evening watching them ❤︎ And i cam across Alfie's Video 10 years time. I watched it and it really made me think of my life, my future and what i am doing right now. 
I started thinking, what about me? Where do i imagine myself in 10 years? I thought for a while and found those answers: 
❤︎ I might be married
❤︎ I have children maybe? 
❤︎ I don't know if i would be a blogger still, or even an Instagramer *_* 
❤︎ I would maybe, be ... 

I just couldn't finish this sentence, stopped for a while and thought, that for the past 21 years that i have lived on this beautiful Planet, i have never thought about my future, i have never had a plan, i had dreams that is right, but i have never had a settled plan that i sticked to. Because all the plans that i have put for myself, life blown out and brought better ones. If i am to look at myself a year ago and how i thought my life would be, i would say that i used to think, that i will be in my comfort zone, sitting on my Sofa watching T.V but look at me now ❤︎ I am living in a different country, i have a life that i have never imagined and got opportunities that i have never knew they exist .... I am so happy the way i am.
I thank myself, for not sticking into a plan and just let life take me wherever it thinks i should go. 
That is why, i think i will scratch all the plans i have wrote up, because i want life to surprise me with what gifts it has and make me happy more and more. For life, is made to be lived, not planned.

What about you? Have you ever thought of your future? Leave me your sweet opinion down below ❤︎ Because i read and heart every comment you leave.


  1. Hii!🌸
    Actually i really don't know just like you! I live day by day and what my future is.. I have no idea i guess i will figure it out in the future haha! But i had a question, do you speak german or just englisch? Anyway alfie is amazing haha and zoe ofc love them bothπŸ’– lovely blog again✨

    Love, Robin xoxo

  2. So cute of you πŸ’—πŸ’— happy that we share the same thoughts. Actuay i speak Both, but English very well, German not so good since i am not German and i still struggle with the language because it is too different than the English, i share with you my love to Alfie abd Zoe kisses

  3. I definitely have dreams, but not solid plans. I am terrible at sticking to schedules - I don't have enough discipline for it. I do hope that I'll have a job and an apartment in 10 years, though. Maybe fall in love? Still, life takes us in directions we never could have imagines and it's not realistic to map out your life because it probably won't turn out the way you want it to.
    Just living in the moment is the best thing. :)

  4. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it :)
    If it's all about me, I'd really like to do it the way you do: Just live my life and not plan it - but I guess I stick to what my parents expect me to do and so I have to plan my life because I don't want any trouble at home, that's something I couldn't stand.
    Now that school ends for me I have to decide wether I want to work or go on studying. I have to plan what I will do. I know my parents want me to work and to earn a lot of money so I'll soon be able to live my own life in my own flat somewhere, and they don't think that the job I chose for me is the right one, because they can't imagine me in it. My heart tells me that I don't know what I want to do right now and that I prefer dreaming a lot about what I could become but I'm not brave enough to live my dreams, also because I don't know how. I wish everything could stay the way it is now because I'm very happy with my daily life the way it was the past three years now. And I don't like talking about my dreams and thoughts to my parents because I'm afraid they wouldn't understand me and that they would try to tell me to do something different...
    Well, I guess that was enough information and also something you might not be interested in because to others my problems might seem somehow ridiculous, but your post made me write all of this down and talk about it for the first time.
    Thanks a lot, I'm really happy I found your blog and your Instagram, because it shows me how different life can be if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams! <3

  5. Dear Milka, i totally agree with you, it is better to let life take us to where it thinks we deserve, and if at any point, we felt we need to change our plans, we totally can because we are the creators of our destiny, i wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to make <3 lots of love, Julie

  6. Dearest Kathi, never think that your life's issues are silly or stupid, they never are. I can totally understand how you feel since as i understood you are in a transitional period "between continuing your studies or working" it is the hardest of all, but all you should do now, is forget what your parents say and what society wants at least for a while and think "what do i want? what are my dreams? what do i need to make them happen" whatever the answer was, even if impossible, i encourage to go for it with your fullest strength and will because dreams do come true, i tell you because once i was there, lost between what i want and what i should be doing according to the "others" but i have never listened i did what i wanted and am so thankful that i really followed my heart even if the path was so hard and at some times impossible.I am so happy that i can help you in a way, you can always rely on me and contact me whenever you needed help or inspiration. i wish you all the best in your coming days and choices. Love you lots, Julie.

  7. Hi :) I really enjoyed this post, I think everyone sometimes feels like you do! I am currently teaching and cannot say whether I still want to be doing it in ten years' time.
    I think you have such an adorable blog! I also really love your instagram. I'm following you now, on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I was hoping you could go look at my blog and follow me as well if you'd like?