Wednesday, 6 May 2015

App of the Month ❤︎

Read this post to know about the seven app and this post to get my app "cuteinstgram"

As summer is getting closer and closer, the more we think about our bodies and the more motivated we get to workout. Unfortunately, we don't all have the time to swing by the gym and get some workout done :{ and that includes me. 
However, recently, i have came across this amazing app called Seven Minute workout ❤︎ That keeps me motivated to work out more and everyday. 

What is this app? 
Basically, it is an app that provides you with a full body workout 

You can choose your instructor "Male or Female" they will be encouraging you whilst you workout by saying "You can do it" "you are almost there" "keep going" ... Etc

What makes it special? 
It is special because it contains 12 different exercises that don't require you any special equipments just your comfy workout clothes and you are ready ❤︎ Moreover, it is a free app which is a great plus to make you love it more. 

How does it make me motivated? 

There is an achievements list, the more you work out, the more challenges you unlock. Once you start using the app, you will be given 3 hearts, if you miss working out for a day, you will loose a heart, just like a game. To progress you have to work and play more .. So addicting ❤︎

I have just downloaded it Yesterday to be honest, but i really liked the idea that i felt i should share it with you ❤︎
What do you think? Will you download it? 

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  1. I will download it! :) Nice post!