Sunday, 24 May 2015

Blogger's guide for beginners ❤︎

how to be a successful blogger

It is true, i am not that successful or famous blog, but as i have been blogging for a while now and have amazing viewers and readers from almost everywhere ❤︎ Which till now i can't believe i decided to write this post as a way to thank you for believing in me and loving what i write ❤︎ In addition, to help many of you who drop emails in my inbox asking "how to start a blog? And how to be successful"❤︎ 

1. Create a blog: 
To create a blog you can either use Tumblr, Wordpress or Blogger (which i am using) if you are wondering which is the best, they all are amazing it is up to you, choose what suits you better ❤︎. 

2. You don't need expensive items: 
It is always somehow, a thought in everyone's mind, "i can't be a blogger i don't have a DSLR" "i don't have a MacBook to write my blogposts on" "i don't have great apps for editing" Believe it or not, it is not about what you use, it is about how you use it. I always write my blogpost on my "Toshiba" laptop which is not something too special. I don't have a DSLR even, i take all my pictures with my iPhone5 and it works, if you have a smart phone which probably you do. You can do a great work. As for editing, i am blessed with the fact that my boyfriend is a software engenirer so i use his photoshop app for editing, but you don't need to buy such a program, there are many free apps on the app store that can do a great job such as vscocam, whiteagram ... Etc. 

3. Have a template: 
Whatever platform you decide to use for creating your blog "tumblr, blogger or wordpress" they all offer amazing layouts and templates, choose any that makes you happy. You don't have to creat a template of your own, it is a very complicated and hard work. When i started my blog, my template was too simple but i was happy with it because it portrayed my personality. Later as i enjoyed blogging i started learning how to create a template of my own, i didn't succeed at first but then i did something that i am happy about ❤︎

This is how my blog looked like before i created my own template :}

4. Write what makes you happy:
You don't have to be like the others, nor you have to compare yourself to them, in blogging, you can do whatever you want and write about whatever you see is suitable ❤︎. but most of all, don't ever fall in the trap of comparing yourself into others especially in your beginnings that will only bring you down. We all start with no views but as we work harder and harder people start appreciating and following along. Don't give up easily, blogging is a big world it takes you a lot of time to be discovered. It is not as easy as gaining subscribers on YouTube!

5. Have fun: 
Blogging is a way of having fun and writing what is in your mind and heart ❤︎. if you enjoy it you will succeed in it ❤︎. at last i wish you the best of luck. 

I hope you found this post useful ... i would love to hear your feedback which is always highly appreciated. 


  1. Great post! Your tips are really helpful x

  2. More than happy that they could help you beautiful :))) you are doing a great job on your blog keep going xx

    Yours, Julie

  3. Hey Julie,
    awesome blog post, as always. And just as I promised you, I shared it on my blog, too. :)
    Keep up your beautiful blog and your Instagram, too. :) And have a great weekend.