Sunday, 10 May 2015

Drug Store Haul ❤︎

Beauty Products

On Friday, after a long day at work, i picked up my friend and went for a little shopping stroll, as i wanted some beauty products for my hair ❤︎ We went to DM. For those who don't live in Germany, DM is a beauty store "drug store" it sells everything a girl would need ❤︎ With really reasonable prices. 

DM haul

I picked up: 

❤︎ A small mirror, i really needed one for my bedside table. 
❤︎ Schauma hair shampoo, it is my first time i use this shampoo, as i usually go for the Head&Shoulders. But for the good of my hair, i prefer to change the type of my shampoo every once in a while. I really loved it, it kept my hair silky and shiny. P.S: it smells amaziiiing *-* 
❤︎ Quick shape Mouse, from the same brand "Schwarzkopf" it is a hair styling mouse. I usually straight my hair and leave it but there comes some days when i love to have a different style so i go for this quick and great Mouse ❤︎
❤︎ Pantene repair and care, a conditioner for my hair. 


❤︎ Cute socks, as i was checking out i noticed them and made sure to take a pair ❤︎They are so cute and cozy. 
❤︎ Lip care gloss, if that is what we call it :} i always love to have one with me ❤︎ So i grabbed one in hot pink as my favorite ones are almost done, since i use them everyday :} 
❤︎ Bebe hand cream, it is the best hand cream ever. So cute packaging and pretty convenient size (as i usually take it in my bag to work) 
❤︎ Some Hair boby pins, i can never have enough of these, because they magically disappear :} "anyone like me?" 

lip gloss

This is a photo of the lip care gloss color ❤︎ It looks and smells amazing, can't wait to spoil my lips with it.

That is my small haul, i hope you like it ❤︎
I read and love every comment you leave for me ❤︎


  1. You got some really nice things Julie! Love your blog x

  2. Nice Haul! <3

  3. Thank you my girls ❤️❤️ Your words mean a lot for me :* kisses and hugs