Friday, 1 May 2015

How to achieve your dreams ❤︎


Hello Dreamers ❤︎ Here i am again with a new post in this series "Dreamers' corner" and today i want to give you some tips, to bring your dreams into reality ❤︎ Are you ready? Let's Go. 

1. Believe in yourself & your dream: 
No matter how impossible it seems, there will always be a way to get it done. Just follow what your heart says ❤︎ Because at the end of the road magic lies. 

2. Don't share your thoughts: 
When you have a dream that you are constantly thinking of, you can't handle but keep on talking about it with those around you. But that can be a huge mistake, since not everyone share that same view with you, instead of telling them and hear their "negative responses" just work and let your work say it all. 

3. Be strong: 
The way towards your dream might be so hard, well .. Let us be honest, life has never been easy with those who have a passion about something. But don't let anything stop you, even if your dreams are big. You Can Make It :} 

4. Enjoy it: 
After all, it is not about the destination more about the journey. If you don't enjoy your path you will never be able to succeed, because there will always be something missing for you to be happy about your life. 

5. Surround yourself with the right ones: 
Your surroundings is a huge essential in how you feel and act. so always make sure that those who are around you, are always supportive and ready to follow & always there, even if you fall.

Those were some tips that have always been there to help me achieve my dreams ❤︎ I hope they inspired you to start working towards your dreams. 

I read and love every comment you leave for me ❤︎


  1. Such a cute post! I love your blog!

  2. Great post! I especially agree with the no sharing tip. People can try to bring you down or make you feel silly about your dreams. I've been in these situations. Also, if somehow what you want doesn't come true, you don't need the extra stress of everyone knowing about it and looking down on you.

  3. This is so inspiring as my dream is to travel the world and I've been told it's impossible since it takes a lot of money and I live in a poor country.But thank you for giving me motivation and a push to my dream.I love you Julie so much you have no idea.