Friday, 22 May 2015

How to live your dream life ❤︎

How to live your dream life

Hello Dreamers ❤︎. As surreal as it seems, i can fully say "I am living my Dream Life" for sure, i haven't achieved all my dreams yet but at least, a big part of them are checked off my list and i am living the life i have always imagined. 
When i say this, many of you ask me "how? Why are you so lucky?" I am not lucky, nor even better than you. I am just a girl who had the dream of living in Europe and no matter how impossible it was at first I did it. So you can and am here to help you ❤︎. 
Life isn't easy, if you want anything in life, you should work, work and WORK. But if you want to take that as a negative thing  you won't get anywhere! Enjoy your work  and by time you will realize how things are changing for the better. When i say work, i mean work in anything you find yourself in. To be able to move, i had to save money and that didn't mean just working all day but meant also not going out to parties, not buying the latest trendy clothes ... Etc. Even when all my friends did that i had to always tell myself You have a dream that you want and that needs sacrifices ❤︎  Now that i am here, they are jealous of what i have achieved.
Enjoy your work or studying.. Whatever you have to do now whether being a student or worker, enjoy it to the fullest and try to learn your lesson to gain the experience you need for life and your future. Because a good future is based on a good experience. 
Follow your heart ❤︎ Yes no one will encourage you, not even your parents :{ that is the truth because not everyone, is able to see the view you have. But who said you should do what they say? Just go for what that voice you have is saying ❤︎
Keep on trying, you will not reach your dream this easily just keep on working even if you received 100000 NO! You will make it if you are determined ❤︎
Go towards your dreams, a step by step ❤︎ don't pressure yourself, because good things always take time.

I hope i could inspire you to start today ❤︎ I believe in you, so you should ... 


  1. Hey Cutie,

    I love your Blog and your Instagram (:
    Your Blogheader is so beautiful ♥

    xoxo Ally ♥ ♥

  2. Awwww thank you so so much beautiful <3 it really means a lot for me i love you

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