Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Summer Vacation 2015 ❤︎

italy vacation

As i write this post, i can not help it to keep my enthusiasm down ❤︎ Am so happy to be sharing with you, where i will be spending this Summer vacation ❤︎ It will be .. ITALY to be more exact, Rome ❤︎
I am so excited and happy to be there in August, it has always been a dream for me to visit Italy ❤︎ I always see it in movies and in pictures but never had the chance to be there. I will go with my boyfriend to spend a week in paradise ❤︎ Ahhh can't wait, let the countdown begin. 
If you ask me, i would say i would love to spend my vacation in different places in this world, "aka: Paris, Hawai, Maldives .. Etc" those all are on my wishlist, but it is hard to be everywhere, especially for a working couple, who live from their own money and have lots lots of dreams that they work for everyday :}
I think it is ok to dream, as i had Italy as a dream once "hopefully it will come true soon" i can have all these places as a dream and keep on working & hustling until i make it and visit them one day :} 
What about you? Where will you spend your vacation? 
Also, my dearest readers ❤︎ I would ask you for a favor, those who live in Italy or have been to it once, may you help me with recommendations where to stay? And what to do there? I would highly appreciate your kind input ❤︎

With lots and lots of kisses and hugs, 
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  1. Heyy!

    I would first like to say that your blog and instagram account are both awesome!! And your so positive and we all have smiles on our faces because of you<3 so, thank you for that!
    Now, I was in Italy so many times but never in Rome so i can't help you with recommendations where to stay. But I really hope you will enjoy your holidays in Italy!

    With lots of love,
    Lana from Slovenia

  2. Dear sweet Lana, thank you so much :)) it means a lot for me <3 happy to be able to draw a smile on your cute and lovely face. Thanks for taking the time and writing for me i love you youuu

  3. I also go to Italy this year , exactly on June 15 and will visit many things, like Naples , the Vatican and much more.The hotel I'll call center 2 hotel is three stars but worth it because there are very nice comments . I hope to see could help.

  4. Awww thank you Monica :))) i hope you have a great time in Italy <3 i have heard a lot about it :) i will check out this hotel i love you <3


  5. Hey!

    I've been to Italy multiple times, but only once I visited Rome! I'll be in London for a whole month but I do have some tips for you! :)
    When in Rome, you should defenitly visit the Forum Romanum and the Colloseum! Both are such a big part of Rome's history, I'd really think you should see it once in your life!
    Another is the Villa Borghese! As far as I can remember it is a musuem (maybe not that interesting) but it has a beautiful garden / park! You can rent bikes or take a stroll. It has a lake and it is so peaceful and beautiful there!
    You probably won't have enough time to see everything! I've been there for a week and I just need to go back. But I recommend to do a lot by your own precious feet and just look around! Also, if you want to visit the Vatican (which is further away from the centre), you can take a hop on/ hop off bus! It's so easy and very fun to do (+ you see a lot!)

    If you want to know more, I can always send you some more tips! :) Have fun! It's beautiful there! Love xx

  6. Oooh you lucky thing!! I spent a few days in Italy in February and it was amazing! I'd recommend bringing good walking shoes because-one word-COBBLESTONES.
    Have fun xx, Affraic