Sunday, 17 May 2015

Summer's Essentials ❤︎

victoria secret

As it gets warmer and warmer, we start longing for times at the beach, tanning and wearing our favorite bikinis ❤︎ So today, i chose to help you get ready for Summer with some essentials that will make your Summer much more interesting ❤︎
This post, is a collab with one of the cute bloggers here, make sure to check her out her Blog ❤︎

forever pink

One of the main things in Summer, is to always take care of your body and skin ❤︎ It is all you have at the end of the day. So always make sure that:
❤︎ you take off your makeup with a good cleanser. For me i use L'Oreal it is good and keeps my face fresh and well cleaned. After you clean it, make sure to apply a cream to keep your face soft. I go for Johnson it smells great and takes care of my face very well. 
❤︎ Your hair also needs some attention, a dry shampoo would be helpful in hot days, as we all know taming your hair in summer is a bit of hard work, but dry shampoo would give a helping hand in keeping your hair fresh.
❤︎ Yummy lotions and body sprays are a great essential. I go for me Forever Pink VS body spray and the Garnier deodorant are more than enough. They smell amazing and last for 24 Hours. 


❤︎ You are never fully ready without some lipbalms.❤︎ I go for bright colors of course the pink ones haha as it is my favorite color❤︎. 
❤︎ Also, never forget to always spoil your hands and feet with some cream to make sure that they are soft and shiny i go for the BeBe cream. 

lush products

❤︎ You have skin all over your body, that is why a bath in one of Lush heavenly products is necessary❤︎ For me i go for the Bunny Lush ❤︎ It is from the Easter Collection but till now i can't get over how amazing this one is 

Danielle Wellington

❤︎ Some accessories are needed as well. So 
❤︎ a new case for your iPhone might be a good idea, H&M has many new and lovely ones i got this dotted one from them
❤︎ A cute watch, to complete your style. Mine is from Danielle Wellington.
❤︎ A cute headband, that would ease taming your hair and will add a touch of style as well. Mine is from Irresistible Me

With those stuff, your Summer will be amazing am pretty sure ❤︎ You can always go to for what suits you the best. 


  1. Lovely post and some great summer beauty essentials! :)
    Tayla |

  2. Cute post! Love your blog x

  3. Thanks for the tips, will definetly help come summer!

    Floss xoxo