Friday, 26 June 2015

Apps, i won't live without ❤︎

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As a blogger, i realize that i always tend to use just one folder of my own phone •-•" however, this folder is full of quite useful apps that always make my life much easier; and because you mean a lot for me, i decided to share with you these apps to help make your life a better one too :) 

This is the folder that i always visit while i am on my iPhone ❤︎. I even name it Blogging Life. 

1. Blogger:

This app is so useful for me, when i am away at work or in the train i would blog on the way and then edit and add my final touch using my laptop. But it really consumes a lot of time. 

2. Bloglovin': 

This app is really my favorite one. I always spend hours on it, reading people's posts or just discovering new bloggers and get some inspiration from them ❤︎ It is so nice, handy and always there to remind me when my favorite blogger makes a new blog post, so i can go and read . You can follow me HERE You can also save some posts for you to read later. It works for me as a newsletter ❤︎. 

3. Cuteinstgram's blog: 
Oh well, this is my own app you can have it on your phone ❤︎ to check what new posts i have. If you would like to have it here is how

4. Instagram: 

Here is a glimpse of my feed ❤︎ I adore this app, it is so beautiful and i am super active there posting inspirational texts 3 times a day. You can check me out here

5. Google+ 

It is just an app for your google account ❤︎. I always share with you when a new blog post is made :} 

6. Snapchat: 
You are all probably familiar with it ❤︎. But i really love using it to share bits of my days with you ❤︎ My username is "cuteinstgram" 

7. Twitter: 
Hmm, i am not going to lie and say that i love this app, while in real life i just find it "boring" that is just my opinion of course. But if you would like to follow me "cuteinstgram" is my username. 

8. Podcasts: 

I really love this app so much ❤︎ I listen to some podcastes that inspire my days and put me in a great moode, some of the channels that i follow are shown in the picture. 

9. Kik: 
Last but not least, is kik. It a messeging app, i love it because i stay in touch with my readers and some bloggers ❤︎. If once you would like to say hi, my username there is "cuteinstgram" 

I hope you found this post useful. If you use other apps please share with me, i don't mind adding some more apps for my tiny folder ❤︎. 

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